Internet Marketing – Putting In The Hours

We live in an age of instant gratification.  You want to be a celebrity? – no problem.  Just demonstrate that you have a modicum of talent and put yourself forward to appear on the ‘X-Factor’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.  It must really irk true artists who have struggled for years to make it in the big time.  Is the same true for internet marketing – can you really take short cuts to push yourself forward and make huge profits?

I readily admit that I have fallen for some of the promises –“Just pay $100 and you can have a push button ready internet marketing business”.  The standard website template arrives, and you find yourself trying to launch the same material as thousands of other wannabe entrepreneurs. 

To achieve anything of purpose and quality in life requires a lot of time and a lot of effort.  In his book ‘The Talent Code’ Daniel Coyle puts forward the idea that we’re not born with greatness but that it grows within us if we’re willing to make the necessary effort.  He talks about the ten-thousand hour rule.  In fact, the whole equation is:

Deep practice  x  10,000 hours = world-class skill

Not everybody wants to be world-class, but the clear message is that if you want to really achieve something you’ve got to put in the hours.

One of my favourite books about internet marketing is ‘How I Made My First Million On The Internet’ by Ewen Chia.  Ewen is now a highly successful internet marketer, and his skills are in great demand all around the world.  But he wasn’t always such a great success.  In his book he openly describes the hours and hours of work put in, the thousands of dollars wasted and the real feelings of failure.

So am I willing to put in the required effort to achieve my dream?  I believe so.  Since the beginning of November I have put in around 200 hours of my time to develop my internet marketing skills.  These hours are in addition to my very demanding day job, my tuition business and my property portfolio – and I still manage to find time to visit the gym!

To achieve all this, it’s been a case of ‘finding the hours’.  During the week I do not watch television – if there’s anything of interest then I’ll record it and watch at the weekend.  I’m very fortunate in that my wife works similar hours so it’s no problem for us to work side-by-side in the study.

If I wanted to be a really good athlete then I wouldn’t think twice about putting in the hours.  My dream is to be a really good internet marketer, so making the necessary effort isn’t something I have to think about – it just has to be done.

Are you willing to work hard and put in the hours, or are you still expecting the quick-fix and instant gratification?  To be truly successful in anything you’ve really got to be committed, and have a burning desire – is it what you really want, or are you more interested in another night in front of the TV watching some rubbish reality show?

Now is the time to make a decision to follow your dream – what are you waiting for?

As we used to say in the building trade – GFI! (Go For It)


p.s. if you really are interested in developing an internet marketing business then make sure you get the best guidance.  Click on the ‘Internet Business Start Up Kit’ under ‘Recommended resources’ in the column on the right.  I thoroughly recommend this material produced by my good friends Neil Stafford and Neil Travers – tell them Graham sent you!

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