Internet Marketing Training Videos – Part 1

Over the last six months or so I’ve been producing and recording a whole range of training videos aimed at potential internet marketers.  My goal is to assist others to develop their own internet marketing businesses in the shortest possible time and avoid the many mishaps and wrong turns that I have made!

I’ve now decided to group the videos together so there is an obvious sequence to what should be done and in what order.  In Part 1 we’re going to begin at the beginning, with a look at how we can make money from our online business and how we can go about finding our niche.  Are you ready? ………… 

Video#1  How to make money from your online business.

In this video I will take you through the key processes in making money from internet marketing, and what you really need to do to be successful.

Video #2  How to find your niche (Part 1)

In this video I describe how you can begin to find a profitable niche for your internet marketing business.

Video #3  How to find your niche (Part 2)

In this second video I explain how to use the Google keyword tool to refine our search for a suitable niche, and the selection of suitable keywords.

Video #4  How to find your niche (Part 3)

In this video I describe how we can use Google Trends and Google Insights to help us in our analysis of potential niche areas and keywords.

Video #5  How to find your niche (Part 4)

In this final video in the series ‘How To Find Your Niche’ I describe how we can use website tags to improve our selection of keywords. I also summarise the key points that I have raised throughout the four videos.

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