Internet Marketing – What’s Your Mission Statement?

Back in the 80’s and 90’s mission statements were all the rage.  Every business had a mission statement, and a lot of money was spent developing simple paragraphs of intent.

The mission statement spelt out the basic purpose of an organization or company in a formal, short, section of text.

So what’s this got to do with internet marketing? – everything!  As internet marketers we need to nail our colours to the mast and set out very clearly what we stand for.

By the very nature of the internet marketing business it’s very easy to get side-tracked.  We use e-mails as our main means of communication, and not surprisingly we get inundated with many messages with offers for the next bright, shiny thing that will deliver us thousands of dollars in seven days with absolutely no work required!

We therefore need to be absolutely focused upon our ‘mission’.  What is our primary purpose?  Is it to sell an e-book, or e-course, or is it to be an affiliate, or is it to host a membership site?  Write it down very clearly, and check that your statement really does encapsulate everything you stand for in internet marketing.

For example, my site has two purposes: (1) to provide quality training materials in the form of videos, audios and newsletters for those seeking to start an internet marketing business; (2) to be an affiliate for very select, top quality, internet marketing materials from highly recommended sources.

My mission statement would therefore be built around these two purposes, and a clear statement ensures that I am not distracted in achieving my goals.
A couple of years ago I was a member of a number of websites, all vying for my money and attention.  The best advice I ever received was to focus on one thing and remove anything that could possibly distract me.  I therefore cancelled all but one subscription, and the effect was liberating!  I now do not waste my time trying to read every forum comment and product offer.  Instead, I use the time to develop my own site and training materials – and I am beginning to see the results!

So my advice would be to sit down with a blank piece of paper and begin to produce a mission statement that really encapsulates everything you stand for and everything you want to achieve.  When finished, put your statement in a really prominent position, and whenever you feel distracted just read what you are committed to and stay on the right path to fulfilling those big dreams.

Keep dreaming!


p.s.  What do I mean by “very select, top quality, internet marketing materials from highly recommended sources”?  I mean those materials that I have tried, and trust 100%.  Have a look at the materials listed under ‘Recommended resources’ on the right hand side of this page.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed whatever you choose!

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