It’s My Internet Marketing Birthday!

Yes, this blog post marks my 100th contribution, and a significant land-mark in my quest to escape the day job!  Ten months ago I started blogging, and looking back it’s amazing how much progress has been made, and what’s happened.

To give a little bit of my background, I work in education and have reached a point where I need to step away from the chalk-face before it’s too late.  We’re only two weeks into a new term, and already several colleagues have gone on long-term sick leave with stress-related illnesses.  I don’t want to get to this point so I’m being proactive in seeking out alternatives.  

So far I have built a property portfolio, taught myself how to successfully trade on the foreign exchange markets, and have run a part-time tuition business.  But it’s internet marketing that really appeals to me, and hence the significance of this 100th celebration.

Before last November I had never considered myself as the writer of multiple blogs, but I’ve found it really amazing to sit in front of a key board and just let the words flow.  I thought that after the first month I would run out of things to say, but whenever I’ve needed inspiration it’s been relatively easy to find it!  In fact, the only thing that’s stopped me writing more has been the pressures from my day job.

In tandem with my blog I have really discovered a passion for producing internet marketing training videos.  I have now produced over 40 of these videos, and my subscriber base on Youtube is steadily growing.  I now have a number of additional blogs, covering a wide range of topics such as ‘High Protein Diets’, ‘BBQ recipe info’, ‘Making Muscles Grow’, ‘Multiple Income Pathways’, and ‘How To Get Shredded Fast’.  I’ve even got a blog entitled ‘Quit Teaching’ that offers advice to my colleagues who are also considering leaving the teaching profession.

So how far have I progressed towards my goal of giving up my day job?  I have made a little money, but nowhere near enough to leave the classroom.  But I know that ten months down the pathway I am much closer to reaching that critical tipping point than I was at the beginning.  It will take continued perseverance and commitment, but eventually everything will fall into place.  It hasn’t always been plain sailing so far, and there have been periods of doubt, particularly when I hear that colleagues in internet marketing who started at the same time as me have already been successful.

It also didn’t help that for years I believed in the ‘overnight success’ model (yes, I know this model has now been banished to the land of tooth fairies and the Easter Bunny).  My intentions are now much longer term, and if I don’t make it in 12 months or even 24 months then I know that I will just have to carry on.

So I’m really pleased to have reached this 100th anniversary point.  I wonder what will have happened by the time I reach the 200th anniversary?  There are exciting times ahead!

Keep Dreaming Those Big Dreams,


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