Life Takes On The Meaning That You Give It

One of the luxuries of getting away on holiday is the opportunity to read.  During school term times I may snatch a few minutes of reading before falling asleep in bed, but it takes me weeks and weeks to get through a single book.  However, my wife and I are currently on holiday in the English Lake District, and reading is the perfect way to unwind.

Over the past couple of days I’ve read from cover to cover ‘Breaking Night’ by Liz Murray.  If you’re not familiar with the book then it’s the true story of a young girl growing up in New York City against all the odds – drug addicted parents, both of whom eventually die of AIDs, extreme poverty, hunger, lack of schooling, and a lack of the most basic human needs.

Despite all these hurdles Liz Murray manages to rise above her situation, eventually receiving a New York Times Scholarship and a place at Harvard.  She is now a motivational speaker, and is the director of Manifest Living, an organisation committed to enabling adults to create the results they want in their own lives.

Her story is shocking and humbling, but at the end of it you may be tempted to think “OK, that was terrible, but what’s it got to do with me?  I can’t equate to her suffering, to her loss, to the emotional turmoil that she must have gone through?”.  You’re probably right, very few of us would have had such a tragic upbringing. 

However, the key message coming out of the book is the immense human ability to overcome and to change lives.  The words used in the title of this blog post are the very last words in Liz Murray’s book – ‘Life Takes On The Meaning That You Give It’.  What meaning do you give to your life?

My early years were not easy, not in the same league as Liz Murray, but they were far removed from the idyllic childhood that we would want for our own children.  I had to struggle with life, and in my school days there was no support available.  At school, if we had emotional problems then we just had to ignore them and get on with our work – how times have changed!

I was fortunate in that I got a break – I managed to get a scholarship to the local grammar school, and I eventually I scraped into University where I discovered a love for learning and flourished.  Since then I have followed a successful career in teaching, and I have been blessed with a wonderful family.

So what meaning do I give to life now?  I’m now approaching my mid-50s, and in common with many people of my generation I look to the years ahead and question what path I should follow.  Retirement and years spent decorating and gardening is an obvious option, but not one I choose to take. 

Like Liz Murray I choose to stand up and be counted.  I want to help others to achieve their dreams through the power of internet marketing, and my purpose through this blog and the training materials I provide is to enable people of my generation to develop their own projects and businesses and so remain active and prosperous through their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

I want to give meaning to the life of others.  Through teaching I know that I have made a difference, and I want to continue to educate others and encourage them to fulfil their Big Dreams.  I want them to embark upon their own journey and so find their own meaning to give to life.


p.s. Are you up to the challenge? What journey do you see for the years ahead?  If, like me, you want a journey full of adventure and fulfilment, then why not enter into the world of internet business?  The possibilities are endless, provided you seek out the right training and guidance.  To the right of this post you will see a number of links to my training materials and recommended resources.  Why not start along your journey today and click on the links – it could well be the start of finding the meaning to your life!

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