List Building and the Power of Relationships

Ask any successful internet marketer and they will tell you that the number one route to product sales is through the list. “The money is in the list” you will hear them cry, a mantra that is repeated over and over again. The more savvy amongst these marketers will go beyond this and really dwell upon the power of relationships with your list.

The real power is in the way that these relationships are developed and maintained. As with any relationship, the more you put into it, the more it will flourish. However, it is also true that the stronger the relationship the more demanding it can be, and when you fail in some way to sustain the relationship the more disappointment you can cause.

Not long ago, through a very serendipitous route I came across a contact who really began to transform the way I approached internet marketing. We corresponded regularly, and hour-long phone calls were not uncommon. My confidence soared, and I became quite adept at building simple websites, using FTP providers, autoresponders, etc. I really looked forward to our weekly phone calls, and came to look upon my contact as a friend as much as an adviser.

However, I wasn’t the only person benefitting from such fantastic guidance, and before long my contact decided to open a membership site. The site became a stunning success, which was not surprising considering the quality of advice given and resources made freely available.

I still yearned for our weekly communication, but I was now one amongst many, and my attempts at emailing were rarely responded to.

I fully understood the change in circumstances, and I was really pleased with the fantastic growth in the membership site. I joined, and remained a member for about twelve months. However, the old relationship was now gone, and I eventually cancelled my subscription.

The moral to this story? I guess it’s about being aware of the intensity of relationships with our list. Offer too much and the expectations will be huge, customers become easily disappointed and rapidly disillusioned. Offer too little and your list will not grow.

Developing a quality list is all about a balanced approach. Only offer what you can easily sustain, nurture your list and if you offer accessibility make sure that you maintain the channels of communication. Remember that customers are easily lost, and it’s never so easy to find a replacement.

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