List Building – Big Isn’t Always Beautiful

Amongst my many interests, Forex trading is one of them.  Unfortunately I’m one of those guys who are always looking for the next best thing, so I’m a bit of a sucker for those ‘new’ ideas.  But I don’t waste money and am quite happy to reclaim my money under the guarantee terms should the product fail to impress.

It’s not always about the product – often it’s about the quality of response I get to emails and questions.  List building is all about developing relationships, and treating potential customers like human beings.

For example, not long ago I subscribed to a Forex robot website – everything looked wonderful, I could have a robot scouring the markets looking for potential trades using the criteria I established.  However, the robot wasn’t working as I expected it to, so I contacted the help desk.  No response, so I contacted them again ….. and again. 

Eventually I received a very curt response that suggested I was too stupid to be using Forex robots and that I should be reading the small print in the manual more closely.  Guess what? – I cancelled that subscription straight away!

Contrast that with a very recent purchase of a much less glossy Forex product.  This one involved me setting up trades once a week and leaving them to run their course following the simple instructions in the very clear manual.  There were still elements that I didn’t understand, so I contacted the developer.

Within the hour I had received a really helpful response, with no suggestion that I was too inbred to cope with the system.  Further questions followed, and each one was dealt with politely and promptly.

The system isn’t the best one on the market, and the returns will be relatively low, but because of the response I received I’m going to stick with it, confident in the knowledge that the support I need will just be an email away.

So the message for the potential list builder?  Simple, build relationships.  Forget the dream of numbers, and concentrate on giving quality instead.  In the end you will get bigger sales, fewer returns, and happy customers who will refer you on to others – what more could you want?

In my next blog entry I’ll be describing how we can actually make money from an online business.

Speak to you very soon,


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