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Check out some of the blogs that I have recently produced on my site.  Just click on the headline links and you’ll get immediate access:

Using Audio – Accessing Different Learning Styles.

In this post I described the need to ensure that your material is accessible to all learning styles – video, audio and kinaesthetic.  I have now started making audio recordings of some of my articles.

Visitors To Your Site – What We Can Learn From Flowers!

Bees are attracted to flowers by the possibility of a free gift (nectar), and in return they will carry away pollen from the flower.  What can we learn from this natural relationship?  

Why E-learning Is The Future.

I am passionate about education, and I’m convinced that e-learning is going to grow and grow.  With the current world financial situation we need to be constantly learning, and what better way than via the internet!

Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #5

The fifth issue of the newsletter explains how you can get content for your site.  No more excuses, read this newsletter and you’ll be producing high quality blog posts, articles, videos, and more!

Video Marketing For Greater Targeted Traffic.

Videos are a great form of marketing, and with modern technology it’s never been easier to shoot and upload.  Even if you’re not a fan of standing in front of a camera you can still produce great videos using software such as Camtasia.

How To Create Content For Your Newsletter.

In a previous video I explained how simple it is to put together your own newsletter.  This short video takes the production a stage further and gives detailed information about how to create content that will really complete your newsletter.

Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #4.

To blog or not to blog – is that really the question?  Judging by the number of blogs and the success people have had with them, there is no question to answer!  This newsletter introduces blogging and gives suggestions as to how to get started.

Please feel free to add your comments to any of the above blog posts – I really do appreciate your feedback :-) 

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