Multiple Income Pathways

Hello – Graham Bray here again.

Welcome to another blog message.

Do you recall those really pivotal moments in your life, the ‘light bulb’ moments, or the ‘ah-ha’ moments (we won’t even mention Archimedes!)?  Can you picture exactly where you were, who was with you, and what you were doing?  I can instantly recall several of these moments, and remembering each one can bring back all the excitement I felt at the time.

One that easily comes to mind is of a family holiday in the south of France.  We were staying in a house in the shadows of the Pyrenees, and it seemed to rain a lot.  The swimming pool was the size of a doormat and very cold, so we did lots of reading.

I became engrossed in Robert Allen’s book, ‘Multiple Streams of Income’.  I had been toying with ideas for a little while, and having this multiple approach to income generation seemed a really good idea.  It was the start of a long journey, and I’ve made a quick video that will describe the various pathways I took and my eventual decision to focus upon internet marketing.

Please click on ‘play’ below:

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