New Science Video Product Now Completed!


After six months of continuous effort and late nights I am really pleased to announce my Physics front slidelatest video product – the complete iGCSE Physics Course. Alongside my existing Biology and Chemistry video courses this now means that the science suite is complete! Have a look at the new course by following the link below and clicking on the ‘Physics’ tab:

In a previous blog post I described how I had joined the 10% club by managing to make consistent sales using my own products – no affiliate marketing here! I really do believe that in order to be successful you have to find your niche, develop it, and then put in the necessary effort in order to create a product of which you can be proud.


I havn’t yet reached the dizzy heights of being able to give up my day job, so I’ve had to juggle the various demands on my time. There have been weeks when little has been achieved, but at other times I’ve really been able to focus on product creation and have really been in the ‘zone’.


I have now produced about 75 videos, with each one being between 15 and 20 minutes long. A quick calculation would suggest that I have created over 4,500 individual Powerpoint slides. Each video takes between 6 – 8 hours from initial idea to final rendering, so that’s a lot of time invested in my courses.


What’s kept me going is the fact that I actually enjoy what I do. I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years, and I still get a buzz whenever students enjoy my presentations and want to know more. Without this continual feedback I doubt if I could ever maintain the effort to finish the videos. But I have finished them, and I’m really proud of what I have created. See what you think …………


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