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For several years now I have been interested in setting up multiple streams of income in order to relieve some of the pressures of my ‘day job’. Like most would-be entrepreneurs I have purchased my fair share of internet marketing products, and have spent a sum of money that I would rather not disclose!

I have achieved a modicum of success – I have a portfolio of four properties that bring in a very modest income, and I have my own site that delivers about $500 of income every month ( . However, I have yet to really make the significant progress that I really want, and I find this very frustrating.

What is it that stops me being more successful – is it the quality of the product, or is it me? Is my inability to really apply what I am being taught the real stumbling block? Surely not all the products I have purchased can be totally naff?

There’s only one way to find out where the problem lies, and that is to take a long hard look at a couple of products and document my progress. A couple of years ago I subscribed to Andrew Reynold’s “Cash on Demand” course, and followed it through for thirteen months.

There is no denying that Andrew is a very astute business man and entrepreneur. He has made his millions, and he has also invested a lot of time and effort into educating others (as well as his very commendable charity work). Thousands attend his workshops and follow his every word.

I have therefore decided to go back through the “Cash on Demand” course and try to pinpoint why I didn’t follow it through to a successful conclusion. So far I have re-read the first three modules, and I will try to go through one module every day. Nothing I have read so far has caused me to stumble – let’s see how I get on!

I have also just invested in two courses from Streetwise Publications. One is a trading course – ‘Tunnel Trading’ by John Piper. I have always wanted to add a trading element to my multiple income stream, but so far nothing has delivered. I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on over the next month or so.

The second course is a complete unknown. I received a flyer from John Harrison at Streetwise Publications and it just intrigued me – absolutely no chance of a refund, and a donation of £1000 to Water Aid after I’ve made the first £10 000! I must be mad, but here goes…….

Look out for my updates on progress made.

Until next time,



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