PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

A number of years ago an advertising campaign ran with the slogan ‘PMA – Positive Mental Attitude’.  Regretfully I can’t remember an awful lot about the actual adverts, but I do recall that Daley Thompson was one of the featured athletes.  Daley Thompson was one of the most complete athletes ever to grace the international sporting stage, and a lot of his success could be put down to his mental approach.

In a recent newspaper article, a top sporting journalist wrote about the sacrifices that athletes have to make when others are enjoying the traditional Christmas break.  It was always the boast of Daley Thompson, the double Olympic gold decathlete medallist, that he trained three times on Christmas Day just because he knew his rivals would be doing no such thing. 

The power of the mental approach should never be underestimated, and I’m not just talking here about the sporting arena.  My school term has just finished, and true to form on the last day, just as I was packing my files away to return home, I began to exhibit the first signs of flu.  It seems to be as regular as clockwork – the moment the pressure is switched off my body begins to close down and I invariably have several days feeling sorry for myself.

My wife is totally convinced that these bouts of illness are all a result of my mental attitude.  When I am in the positive zone and working under normal pressure then I have the ability to stay clear of bugs and germs.  Without this positive approach then I begin to succumb and my health suffers.

The power of the mind to overcome illness is staggering.  Even with severe conditions a positive attitude can make a significant difference.  For example, MS is a dreadful, degenerative condition which can have a devastating effect of lifestyles.  However, a fellow member of our gym is determined to cope with MS and demonstrates a fantastic positive attitude.  Although his physical movements are now severely restricted by the disease, he continues to exercise regularly and puts many gym-members to shame with his persistence.

So who am I to feel sorry for myself?  With the right mental attitude anything is possible.  This applies to internet marketers as well as to international athletes.  I will admit that some days the whole process of developing an internet business just seems too daunting.  I have set myself a strict regime for publishing blogs, articles and videos, and when I’m not feeling 100% it really is a struggle.

But when I struggle I remember my friend with MS – there’s no way he is giving in to his condition, and my problems are miniscule by comparison.  My wife, as always, is quite right – my mental approach is everything and there’s nothing I can’t achieve with the right attitude.  So PMA is now written large on my forehead – it may not cure my present symptoms, but if it can drive Daley Thompson to Olympic gold then it can surely drive me to internet marketing success!

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