Recording Your First Podcast

What is a podcast?  Type this question in to Google, and amongst the many potential definitions, the most simple description is that of “audio broadcasting on the internet” – and that’s all there is to it!  If you’re an internet marketer trying to reach potential customers, or an online tutor making content available to students, there is no easier way of making contact!

In this short video I take you through the process of getting your first podcast recorded and made available online.  There is very little kit you actually need – a suitable microphone, access to recording software (Audacity – it’s free!), and somewhere to put your recording so others can access it (Screencast – again, it’s free!).

I promise you that within 15 minutes you could have your first podcast done and dusted.  You may have some suitable content to record, but if you’re stuck for ideas why not get hold of a relevant article and read this into your microphone?  It couldn’t be easier.

So click on the link below, watch the recording, and get started!


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