So Why Do 95% Of Internet Marketers Fail?

It’s a sobering fact, but of all the prospective internet marketers who start out on the journey to build their business, over 95% will fail.  By fail, I mean that they will not even reach a point where a single product is sold.  So why is?

To begin with, they are being sold a dream.  This may be a dream of leaving the 9 to 5 behind forever, or of achieving great wealth ($27,569 in a week – get real!), or of being your own boss ….. the list goes on.

Let’s get this straight – there’s nothing wrong with dreams.  Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have been the greatest dreamers.  What makes them so successful?  It’s the fact that they can turn their dreams into reality.  And this is exactly what separates the 95% from the 5%.   

The reality of an internet business is that to be successful you have to put in a lot of time and a lot of effort.  I sincerely believe that all the internet marketing products being promoted really do need a health warning!  Something along the lines of “Warning – to be a successful marketer you need to take action and be committed!”.
Too many internet marketing products promise to deliver you untold riches overnight.  There is just no truth in these claims whatsoever.

On the other hand there are many products that will deliver on their promises, but the majority of people buy these as the next “bright, new, shiny object” and then do nothing with them. 

I am very fortunate in that I am surrounded by a group of successful internet marketers.  I belong to the Internet Marketing Review forum, and what I really love about it is that the contributors to the forum are successful.  They are living the dream, and they are willing to share their experiences.

In life it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people, and to ask the right questions.  Is it really possible to be successful as an internet marketer? How can I create my first product?  How can I drive traffic to my site?  These are exactly the sorts of questions that I put to Neil Stafford, one of the UK’s leading internet marketers. 

To listen to my interview with Neil (and to read the transcript), simply leave your details in the boxes to the right of this page and you will get instant free access. 
Being successful requires you to take action, and you can start right now!  Simply access the recording and start to turn your dream into a reality.

Keep dreaming those Big Dreams!


p.s. If, after listening to the interview you’ve still got any “burning questions” about getting started in an internet business, then please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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