The Four Stages Of Your Internet Marketing Business.

When I first started my personal business adventures over five years ago I thought it would be easy to become self-sufficient, and I had visions of giving up my day job and relying upon income from my multiple income pathways, including internet marketing.

I expected to set up a website or two, develop a couple of products, and there would be a queue to give me money.  This may sound very simplistic, but when I first started out there was nobody to give me a reality check.  Looking back my naive beginnings would appear humorous if they weren’t so pathetic! 

It was only as I progressed, and the sales didn’t come in, that the light began to dawn – this internet marketing business isn’t as easy as I first thought. 

Eventually I came to my senses and began making contact with some of the genuine internet marketers – not the ‘gurus’, but those who were actually making money from the marketing and selling of products.

What became really apparent was that everybody struggled in the beginning. There were frequent accounts of marketers working hard for six months or more before the first sale came in.  And there was me thinking I could retire within the first two months!

To cut a long story short, I’ve now gone right back to basics and am starting out again.  This time I’ve got a realistic idea of the stages I must go through, and the sort of time scale that I will need to follow in order to be successful.

In a recent issue of the Internet Marketing Review an article was written about the four stages of blogging, and these were given with anticipated time to completion:

  • Stage 1: getting established (1-4 months)
  • Stage 2:  traffic growth (3 – 18 months)
  • Stage 3:  maturity & monetisation (6 – 12 months)
  • Stage 4:  Maintenance

 I feel that I’m now moving from the ‘getting established’ stage into ‘traffic growth’.  My blog is developing well, I am writing articles on a regular basis, and I’m submitting videos to You Tube every week.  I’m not expecting to make sales yet, but if I do then that’s a bonus.

In future blog posts I’ll be examining the four stages of blogging and internet marketing in more detail, and I’ll be explaining what to look out for at each stage.

Dream Big Dreams!


p.s. Without support from others I would still be floundering around in the internet marketing wilderness.  For fantastic guidance and resources I really do recommend that you have a look at the Internet Marketing Review – just click on the link in ‘Recommended resources’ on the right hand side.

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