The Power of Focus

In a previous blog I had a bit of a rant against mobile phones. Please don’t get me wrong – mobile phones are great and really useful in the right place, but we must be in control of them and not vice-versa.

Like emails, mobile phones can be distracters (does that term sound like a new character from a Harry Potter film? – “Harry Potter and the Distracters of Doom”), and can take us away from the job in hand – i.e. developing our Internet Marketing Business!

In a discussion forum this week I read some really sobering facts about this business we’ve chosen to be in, and I would like to repeat the details here:

 “If you blog weekly for more than 6 months then you are already in the top 10% of those who start a blog, because 90% never get past the 6 month stage. If you put two articles on the article directories you are better than 60% of those who submit to article directories because 60% never submit more than one, ever. And if you sell one product online – either your own or as an affiliate – you are in the top 1% as more than 99% of those people who set out to sell on the net never sell anything.”

 Sobering stuff, and it all boils down to focus. How focused are you as an individual? Can you really focus on specific tasks and see them through to completion? Arnold Schwarzenegger, in my view the greatest bodybuilder of all time, had immense focus. There’s a story about Arnold working out in the gym, and during one of his exercise sets a huge mirror shattered nearby. Apparently Arnold was completely unaware of this until he had finished the exercise – what focus!

I’m totally convinced that Arnold would not let his focus be interrupted by a mobile phone. All these young bodybuilding wannabes in the gym need to learn from Arnold and leave their mobile phones in their kit bags.

 Focus is a personal skill that I really need to develop. I’m a bit of a drifter, and an incompleter, and if I’m going to be successful in internet marketing then I need to really focus more and aim to be in the top 10%, or 5%, or even 1%.

 My wife is a really focused individual, and I know that she could succeed at anything she put her mind to because of this power of focus. I need to use her more as my role model and stick to the task, even when at times it seems I’m going nowhere.

So focus is one of my key words for 2011. Somebody, somewhere is trying to help me because I recently dropped my mobile phone and smashed it – is that serendipity or what?

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