The Workshop by Eduard Media – A Review

You know the feeling – you come across a new product and think to yourself “why didn’t I produce that?”.  Eduard Media has produced one such product.

Called simply ‘The Workshop’, this product has brought together links for a wide range of tools and resources that could be used by both successful and wannabe internet marketers.

Eduard has done his research well, and the product clearly displays possible resources, together with notes about whether they are free or at a cost.  The products are grouped into various categories, including ‘Audio’, ‘Stock Photos/Images’, ‘Video’, ‘Site Design’ and ‘Internet Marketing’. 

The product links are kept short and sweet, with simple headings, URLs, brief descriptions and cost.
The beauty of this product is that everything is brought together into one document.  Many times I’ve been frustrated in trying to do a job and not having the right tools available.  With Eduardos ‘The Workshop’ I can simply look for the specific area I’m working on (eg. Social Media / Networking) and then take my pick from the product descriptions.

It’s frequently said that the simplest products are the best, and this is certainly the case with ‘The Workshop’.  There are no frills or padding, just the required information in an easily digested format and at a very reasonable price.

I’m glad I purchased a copy of ‘The Workshop’, and I have no problem in recommending it to others.

To get hold of your own copy just click on the image below.

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


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