Thinking Of Giving Up Your Day Job?

The prospect of making money online through internet marketing appeals to many people.  Giving up the grind of the day job, working from home, sitting in front of your computer for the hours of your choosing – it all sounds so fantastic!  Most people, if given the opportunity, would jump at the chance of fulfilling this dream life-style, and many have already made tentative forays into the world of online business.

But in order to fulfil the dream we need to have a serious reality check.  For a start, how many people actually consider the implications of working by themselves at home?  We are social animals and depend upon communication with others.  Whatever we think about our day job we need to appreciate that it invariably gives us some social contact and interaction with other people.

Try taking away this social contact, and after a few days (unless you’re one of those rare characters who really are happiest with their own company) I guarantee that you will be craving for the company of others, and the prospect of lonely days stuck in front of a computer screen doesn’t seem so appealing.

Okay, so there are social networks that you can join, such as Facebook.  Or you can join the ‘twitters’ and spend your time sharing the minutiae of your daily life with others.  I maintain a healthy disrespect for these networks.  I work with young people every day and see firsthand the effects that social networks can have.  We are raising a generation of excellent network facilitators who are socially inept.

Another benefit of having a day job is that it does keep you focused on what you’re supposed to be doing.  You will probably have somebody looking over your shoulder checking on your progress.  Probably very annoying, but it does keep you on task.  Working at home takes away this accountability.  How will you cope?  It takes enormous discipline.  You’ll be tempted to drift off into an internet search to nowhere, and you’ll find that wasted hours have passed.

So what’s the answer?  We want the dream, but the reality is that, like winning the lottery, once we’ve achieved it the reality may not taste so sweet.  My solution is to seek a part-time position.  Ideally I would like to work for three days a week and focus on my internet marketing for the rest of the time.  I maintain the social aspects of my job and avoid becoming an introverted recluse.

Before making any life-changing steps it’s so important to consider the eventual outcomes.  Plan for your future – not only what work you’re going to do, but how you will manage your time and interact with others.

Don’t give up on the dream, but don’t forget to occasionally inject a dose of reality!


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