Time – It’s All About Developing My Keyword!


 I’ve found out the hard way that developing a niche is no easy business.  Too often I have spent a lot of time and effort developing something I’m interested in and passionate about, and then realised that perhaps there’s not an interested market out there after all.  My detailed keyword research has been a waste of time!

One of the keys to success in niche development is finding something that answers a problem.  You’re giving somebody a solution.  So when utilising the search engines and hopefully your site, prospective customers will be asking the question “what’s in it for me?”.  We use the acronym ‘WIIFM’.  What exactly can I provide that will be of immediate help to others?

For example, we used to have a wonderful King Charles spaniel.  He was a lovely dog in every way – except that he was rubbish walking on a lead!  If I’d been a more conscientious dog person then I would have tried to find ways of improving his behaviour.  I would probably have typed in to Google “Better dog walking’.  I’ve just done this, and the third article on the search page is “The proper way to walk your dog” – bingo! 

So when developing a niche, we need to put ourselves in the position of a potential reader, and consider what question or keyword they might be using in their search.
I have described in previous posts how I’ve been developing a new site which has arisen from my passions for science and education (www.sciencerevisionvideo.com) .

What keyword would really attract the attention of a science teacher?  The keyword is TIME.  If there’s one repeating phrase that arises from any meeting involving teachers then it would be “give me more time!”  I should know – I’ve been involved in education for many years.

So any conscientious teacher will be searching for more time to deliver the curriculum.  Every exam course is incredibly pressurised, and imagine the potential market if my prospective headline could shout out “I can give you more time!” – what teacher wouldn’t be interested in this!

Having clearly identified my keyword approach, a further step is to develop some killer headlines to really attract attention.  And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing next!

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