Using Audio – Accessing Different Learning Styles.

What type of learner are you?  There is some debate in the higher circles of education, but the basic view is that there are three learning styles – visual, audio and kinaesthetic, known in learning establishments as VAK.

When people buy a new appliance, for example a DVD player, they choose how to learn about the key features according to their learning styles. A visual learner will get hold of the instruction manual and will devour it from cover to cover until they are happy to begin using the device.  An auditory learner prefers to have the various features of the DVD player explained by the sales person, and will ask questions until they feel confident to go it alone. 

Then there are the kinaesthetic learners.  My brother-in-law is a kinaesthetic learner.  If he were to buy a new DVD player then he would ignore any advice from the sales person and would throw away the instruction manual.  He would then proceed to push every button and examine every orifice, take it apart if needs be, until he was confident that he knew every feature of the device and could use it with competence.

My brother-in-law is also a builder, so I guess that explains his hands-on approach!

When developing training materials for would-be internet entrepreneurs it is therefore essential that we consider the different learning types and adapt our materials accordingly.  Most materials on the internet are intended for visual learners.  With the increasing use of videos there is now the possibility to open learning up to audio learners as well.  My ‘How to’ videos have both visual and audio components.

To supplement my videos I have decided to produce additional audio products.  My first audio recording is now available for download, and can be accessed by using the link on the right-hand side of this page.  The recordings will be in MP3 format, so will be ideal for listening to in the car, or in the gym, or wherever you would normally have your headphones plugged in.

Audio recording is a new venture for me, so I would really appreciate your feedback.  Please leave me a comment!

Happy listening,


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