Using Your Chosen Niche To Achieve Your Goals.

Finding a profitable niche is the Holy Grail for internet marketers.  Once you have found one you can then develop the site around it and suitable marketing tools to drive traffic that will hopefully result in repeated profits.  I have already developed training videos to facilitate finding your niche.  To watch the videos just CLICK HERE.

Finding suitable niche areas is one thing.  Using them to achieve our goals is moving up to the next level.

In his eBook “Niche Treasures” Michael Holland lists five great ways:   

1. Use them to grow existing websites.  If you already have an online store and you don’t want to change it around too much, just create a separate content oriented site and weave in links to your store.

2. Use them to earn affiliate income.  Create a content rich website that includes your affiliate links to recommended suppliers.  Your visitors will appreciate your advice as well as the convenient link to a product that will quickly solve their problem.

3. Use them to sell your own products.  Create content web pages that drive traffic to your products or services.  You could also weave into the pages affiliate links so you have two streams of income.

4. Use them to sell ad space.  Place Adsense ad panels on your sites and wait for visitors to click on them.

5. Use them to build your company’s image or to collect leads.  Using information-rich web pages is an excellent way to collect leads and / or introduce people to your organization and products.

Where do you begin looking for these up and coming profitable niche areas?  This was exactly the question I asked Internet Marketing expert Neil Stafford in my exclusive interview with him.  To hear his response, and the rest of the audio recording, just leave your details in the boxes at the top of the right hand panel and you will have immediate access to this fantastic resource.

Just download and enjoy!


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