Video Marketing For Greater Targeted Traffic

I don’t know about you, but I just love producing videos!  I’m not talking here about me being the star and standing in front of the camera – I prefer to put stuff together using software such as Camtasia.  However, there’s nothing to stop you from peeking into the camera lens, and the article below emphasises the importance of videos in your internet marketing campaign.  Read and learn!

Video sharing sites are another outstanding example of using leverage for marketing purposes for those who are smart enough to use them. YouTube and other popular video sharing sites receiving massive traffic on a regular basis, so that gives you a pool of millions of visitors that you can tap in for your own advantage. Video and video marketing has been white hot for some years now, and it is so important that Google figures it into their algorithm in terms of the social factor. So there are only strong and good reasons to get involved with video depending of course on your business model. It is a great idea for you to learn about marketing on video sharing sites so you get the best returns for your efforts.

Keep in mind that video sharing sites are all about exposure, and that is what you need to turn your attention to after your video is uploaded. It is smart to do more than merely relying on views from the sharing sites, and you should do all you can to market your videos via social networking sites. There are a lot of ways you can use social media marketing, and that includes using the major social sites in their own particular ways. The bottom line, as you know, is people checking out your videos and following your links or visiting the URL you are promoting.

The sharing sites will use their own evaluation system for all the videos. This is why you should label your video’s file name effectively and include your keyword in there. So it does not matter, really, but be sensible and avoid a very long tail phrase that has something like five words. You will simply be optimizing your video for video site and search engine search.

Video Response: YouTube allows you to post video comments, which are actually a great way to get your target audience to view your videos. All you need to do is find videos that are popular in your niche and create a video comment about them. But in order to make the most out of this method, you should try and find those videos that are actually gaining popularity and you know for sure that they would become a hit later on. This way, you’ll be one amongst the first to create a video comment and get noticed. So, the more video comments you make, the better.

It seems video is here to stay in one form or another, and therefore you need to get working on it as soon as possible. Even the largest corporations are using video plus YouTube to increase exposure and awareness, and you can do exactly the same.

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p.s. there’s a bundle of training videos to the right of this article.  Why not have a look at some and consider what you could put together in your niche!

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