Visitors To Your Site – What We Can Learn From Flowers!

You’ve attracted visitors to your site, you’ve provided them with lots of content to read, but what do you want them to actually achieve?  I’ve visited many sites that look really attractive and lure me in, but once there I don’t have a clue what to do.  Is your site like this?  Have a long and critical look at your landing page.  You may know what action you expect your reader to take, but is it clear?

If you’re marketing a product then the principal reason for having a website or blog is to encourage your reader to take action that may eventually lead to them making a purchase.  A great analogy is a flower – bees are lured into the flower by the attractive colours (your landing page design) and once in the flower by the offer of free nectar (your free give-away).  Having received the nectar the bees then fly off, carrying with them the pollen (your product).  

We can take this analogy further in that when bees return to the hive they communicate their find to other bees.  If it’s a great flower with good freebies then, as a result of the famous ‘waggle dance’, other bees will follow directions and visit the same flower and the process continues.  If your site is really worth visiting with great content and give-aways then your readers will tell others, and they too will visit.

For the bee it’s really clear what action to take.  They don’t have to sit on the edge of the flower scratching their antennae, trying to figure out the next step.  Your site design needs to be as crystal clear as the flower.  Here’s my site, please have a look, and this is what I want you to do.

Getting it wrong can be really costly, and it happens more frequently than you might imagine:

• 60% of the time people cannot find the information they seek on a website.

• 50% of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information, and 40% of users do not return to a site when their first visit has been a negative experience.

• 62% of web shoppers give up looking for the item they want to buy online


Having a poor web site design and usability is like driving your car without a map through an area you’ve never visited before.  Unless you have an uncanny sense of direction, you’re going to get lost, and you will become more and more frustrated.

So use the example of the flower, and guide your readers to exactly the right points on your site.  If flowers couldn’t attract bees then they wouldn’t get pollinated, and would eventually die out.  Don’t let this happen to your site – make it really, really clear what you want your readers to do, and success will inevitably follow!

Dream those big dreams,


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