What Are You Trying To Achieve In Your Internet Marketing Business?

 So you’ve decided to become an internet marketer.  So far so good.  But what exactly is your plan?  If you’re serious about setting up a business online, then it’s a fair bet that in some way you’ll be looking to make a profit.  This is the dream of many, many wannabe marketers, but the vast majority fail because they fail to plan.

 Let’s begin to put together an internet marketing plan.  I’ll be using my business as an example – I need to constantly reflect upon what I’m trying to achieve in business, so I’m happy to be the guinea pig.
My goal is relatively simple, so I’ll try to begin by putting it into a ‘mission statement’:

 “The aim of my business, Easier Internet Marketing, is to support others in their desire to sell products online. I will be promoting suitable and highly relevant products created by colleagues at the Internet Marketing Review, and I will be providing free advice and guidance through my blog.  I will also be providing training through short videos, utilising my existing skills as an educator to provide quality and informative content.”        

 Not so long ago every evolving business had to have a mission statement.  There were many ‘experts’ available who would come along and write your statement for you for an exorbitant fee.  The mission statement almost became too trendy, and in common with all trends it eventually fell out of favour.

 But it still remains a really good starting point, so please don’t dismiss writing a statement too hastily.  Let’s break down my mission statement into the three basic components:

 1. “Key market” – who am I trying to sell to?  I’m trying to make it easier for potential internet marketers to get started.

 2. “Contribution” – what am I selling?   I will be promoting, as an affiliate, suitable products from the team at Internet Marketing Review.  I have used these products for years, I trust the team, and I have no hesitation in making recommendations.

 3.  “Distinction” – what’s my USP (unique selling point)?  As a full-time educator I am highly skilled at teaching others.  There is a lot of total rubbish on the internet, and my goal is to smash through this dross by providing high quality training materials through my blog and videos.  I want to be one of the top internet training providers.

 I’m ashamed to say that this is the first time I’ve actually sat down and carefully reflected upon my modus operandi, but it’s been highly instructive and re-assuring!  I now have a clearer vision of what I want to achieve and how I’m going to achieve it.  This mission statement is the first part of my business plan, and I highly recommend that you do likewise.  Start first with the three components – key market, contribution, distinction – and then condense your thoughts into a statement of one hundred words or less.  Only by planning to succeed will you actually succeed!

 Keep dreaming those big dreams,


 p.s. Watch out for future blog posts when I’ll be showing you how to further develop your internet marketing business plan!

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