What To Do or How To Do It?

I’m reading a book at the moment by Robert W. Bly with the catchy title of ‘How To Write & Sell Information Products For Profit And Fun’.  I enjoy writing, so I’m hoping that the contents of the book will inspire me on to greater things.

In one of the first chapters Robert talks about the most basic mistake made by even the most experienced writers – telling readers “what to do” instead of showing them “how to do it”.  A simple mistake like this can be very frustrating and annoying.  Most people know what they need to do, but lack the necessary skills or knowledge to actually do it.

Despite my best intentions I recently purchased a new product.  The advertising blurb talked about leading readers by the hand until the first profits were made.  The promises all sounded very genuine, so Mr Gullible (me!) parted with hard-earned cash and took receipt of the product.

When will I ever learn?  This was a real “what to do” product.  As an example, in the first chapter the writer said that we needed to find a niche and then develop a site – that was it!  Just “find a niche”.   Whole books have been written about niche selection, and even the most experienced internet marketers struggle to find a suitable area for their focus.

For me that was it – the product was useless and confined to the hard drive of my computer, along with a host of other nebulous products.  But I did learn another lesson – it is so important to continue with my dream of producing quality materials that show potential marketers how to get to grips with new tasks.

I have created a wide selection of videos, all suitably beginning with the prefix ‘How To …’.   And hopefully they do just that.  I’ve even produced a series of four videos describing in detail how to find a suitable niche.  To see the first video in the series just click on the link below, and if you like what you see and hear then the other three videos can be accessed directly from the pane to the right of this blog post.

I really enjoy producing these videos, and in my next blog post I’ll be sharing with you how you too can develop your very own video products.

Keep dreaming those Big Dreams,


*******How To Find Your Niche (Part 1) ********** 




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