What’s The Focus Of Your Site?

Do you ever get frustrated when visiting websites or blogs?  I bet it’s a daily occurrence!  I get really frustrated when I search for a topic in Google, click on the link provided, and then cannot find anything relevant on the site, or the site is so badly planned that I just can’t navigate to what I want.

This week I’ve been searching for flights.  We have our holiday villa booked in the Algarve, and now all I want to do is find some cheap flights.  So I have googled for suitable flights, and when I go onto the comparison sites I have been immensely frustrated. I have spent hours entering information, then being transferred to other sites, where I’ve had to enter the same data all over again! 

Eventually I gave up.  I know that I’ll need to book the flights, but I’ll probably go to my local travel agent and get them to organise everything.  It will cost more, but at least I won’t have all the hassle.

These events have really got me reflecting on my own site.  When people visit it, are they getting what they came for?  Is it easy to navigate?  What improvements could I make? Perhaps most importantly, what do I want visitors to do when they visit my site?

My site is called Easier Internet Marketing.  The whole aim of the site is to provide would-be internet marketers with the tools to get them started in the business.  I want to make it easy for the beginner, and hopefully enable them to avoid the mistakes that I made in my early developments.

So when people visit my site, what do they see?  The first thing is the heading, with the promise to ‘help you along the pathway to a successful online business’.  So far, so good.  The bulk of the page is taken up with blog posts, and as far as possible I try to provide content that will really help my readers.  It may be a link to my latest training video, a heads-up for my next newsletter, or guidance on how to develop specific aspects of an internet marketing business.  Occasionally, when I receive content from another author that I think is well written and relevant then I will include that as well.

To the right of my page I have all my links.  The first link is a free giveaway of an ebook in return for customer details.  This tends to be standard practice for building your own list.  Below the opt-in box there are other headings, including recommended resources, my newsletters, and my training videos.  All of this material is there to help my readers, and hopefully it will encourage them to build their business.

On reflection I think I’m true to my aim.  My site is relevant and up-to-date (at least three posts are written every week), it is easy to navigate, and there are plenty of resources that are added to on a regular basis.  If my readers came to my site looking for ways to get into internet marketing then I hope they would not be disappointed.

Can you say the same about your site?  When was the last time you carried out a review?  Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer- if you clicked on your site, would you be encouraged or disappointed?  Is your site ‘sticky’?

My experiences this week of the flight comparison sites really made me stop and think about my own best practice.  I know what I want my site to do and provide – do you?  Have a look at your site today, I hope you’ll be encouraged and not disappointed!

Keep dreaming big dreams,


p.s. As a site owner, it’s really good to get feedback from others – what do they think about your site?  I’d love to get your feedback, and I would therefore encourage you to leave me a comment – don’t worry, I can cope with the negatives as well as the positives!

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