What’s Your Internet Marketing Philosophy?

A few days ago I wrote a post about ‘mission statements’.  These short sections of text spell out our purpose for marketing.  Mine, in summary, is to develop training materials and to be an effective affiliate.

Sitting behind the mission statement is your basic philosophy – why did you get into internet marketing in the first place?  Was it to escape from your day job?  Was it to help others?  Was it to become a millionaire?

When Google first became established their motto was “Do no evil”.  I’ll leave it to you to judge how successful Google has been in sticking to this commendable aim!  But at least the intention was there.

I’ve been a teacher all my working life, and if I had to write my own epitaph it would be “He made a difference”.  I really do believe that through my efforts I have impacted on many young lives, and hopefully as a result of something I have done the world is a better place.

Recently we had some friends around for dinner.  For some reason the discussion began to focus on success in life, and what it meant to be successful.  As the discussion progressed one of our group became tearful, and when pressed she explained that she felt her life had been wasted and she was a failure.

To her, success meant climbing the career ladder, making a lot of money, and acquiring the trappings of wealth.  The rest of us were shocked by this and began to discuss the significance of what she had said.

To us, she is the most successful of us all.  Her career has always been in nursing, and she has a reputation for being a fantastic and really caring nurse.  Her skills have eased the suffering of many, many people, and she is loved by her patients.

Wow! – that really is a life well lived!

To those would-be internet marketers, it can seem that everybody just wants to rip you off and sell you the next bright shiny object.  Just this morning I received an email that offered “$534,378 without traffic”.  What insincere rubbish!  Like many wannabes I have been screwed and scammed, and at times it has seemed like everybody out there has a philosophy of “offer the dream, take the money, and then run”.

But there are some good guys.  These are the internet marketers who truly believe in what they are doing, and who deliver much more than they offer.  I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve come across some of these guys, and for me they’ve kept the internet marketing dream alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some naive simpleton.  I know that in internet marketing the bottom line is that we’re here to make money.  But it’s how you go about making your money that counts.  It’s about building relationships, gaining trust, delivering on promises, and holding the hands of those in need.

Google said “Do no evil”.  Perhaps ours should be “Do lots of good”.  There’s a world of difference between the two.

So what’s your internet marketing philosophy?


p.s.  are you starting out on your own internet business but feel like you could do with some support?  I’m quite willing to work with you as you travel along the internet marketing journey.  If you are serious about the adventure, and want some support, then why not email me at support@easierinternetmarketing.com ?  I’d love to hear from you.

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