Why Internet Marketing? (Part 2)

In an earlier blog I shared with you how I experienced one of life’s pivotal moments that ultimately led me developing my interest in Internet Marketing.  I arranged a family holiday in the south of France, but the weather was miserable and so all we could really do was read.

I became engrossed in Robert Allen’s book ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ and I could really see the logic of building up different income pathways – if one didn’t work out then there would be others to fall back on.

I decided to develop four income streams – property, FOREX trading, internet marketing and a small business.  All of these were in addition to my day job as a teacher!  In hindsight I was probably trying to take on too much all at once, but I’ve always been a little too impulsive and enthusiastic.

One of my favourite words is ‘serendipity’ which is defined as a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something else.  Developing these income streams was going to demand a financial commitment, and as we were struggling with our finances the development of a property portfolio seemed remote!

However, out of the blue we received a statement from the finance company that looked after our endowment policies.  It was a bit of a shock to discover how badly our investments were performing.  My wife and I made the decision there and then that we would cash in our endowment policies and invest in property – it seemed like a great idea at the time!

Sometimes in life you just have to make these decisions.  This morning I’ve been looking through my daily reading, and the message says the following; “When you limit what you will do, you limit what you can do.  Think: if you don’t act now, what will it ultimately cost you?”

In his book ‘Dream On’, John Richardson talks about his motivations, and one of the strongest drivers towards his goal was the thought of what life would be like if he didn’t take the chance, or persevere with his dream.

I have a similar driver – what will life be like if I don’t make the effort to be different, to do something challenging, to be bold?  As a teacher I could expect to retire at 65 with a pension and a lot of memories.  My own father retired from his job in the factory at 65, and within twelve months he had died.  I hear so many stories like this, and it’s a real wake-up call to persevere with my dreams.  I don’t want to potter in the garden, or decorate the house, or have my day revolve around playing with the grand-children.

There is much more to look forward to, so many possibilities.  My income streams are intended to open up these possibilities, and in future blogs I’ll be describing my journey beyond the property portfolio and into my other interests, particularly internet marketing.

What’s the heading for my daily reading? – ‘Decide, and Take Action’.    Enough said!

What are you waiting for?


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