Why Internet Marketing?

As the author of blogs on my site www.easierinternetmarketing.com I’m frequently asked the question “Why internet marketing”?  A very good question, and one which I hope to provide the answer to in my next series of messages.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a teacher by profession, and have taught in secondary schools for nearly 25 years.  I enjoy what I do – like most jobs there are good days and bad days – and there is a constant challenge.

But I’m also at a stage in my life when colleagues are approaching the age of retirement.  I’ve probably got about twelve years left before I need to hand in my mark book for the last time, but conversations in the staffroom have really got me thinking.  

If I had to retire tomorrow, what would life hold?  I’m very fortunate in that I’ve always had a job.  At 18 I left home for the last time, got a place at University, followed up my first degree with a doctorate, and then entered the teaching profession by a back door.  I’ve always been busy, and that’s the way I prefer things.

My wife is also in education, and she’s reached the dizzy heights of headteacher, so she’s even busier than me!  I guess that our working week is somewhere about 70+ hours.  Both of our daughters are grown up and leading independent lives, so we have the indulgence in that we can be very focused on what we do.

I do enjoy what I do, and as I’ve got direct responsibility for about 30 staff I have very little time for myself.  In some ways life is just too busy and increasingly I want to step back off the treadmill and smell the proverbial roses.  This is where internet marketing comes in.  I will always want to work in one capacity or another, and working for myself and having more control over what I do is becoming increasingly more important as I look to the future.

My move into internet marketing hasn’t happened overnight.  I can look back over the past 6 or 7 years and see the key points in my life, the books I’ve read, the people I’ve spoken to, the courses I’ve attended, that have put me in the position that I’m now in.  I really want to share these experiences with you. I feel very fortunate to have an exciting future to look forward to, and in my next blog I’ll be describing my early experiences of alternative income pathways and why internet marketing is the choice for me!

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