Wot – No Refund?


As mentioned in my previous blog, I took the plunge very recently and purchased a coursestruggling from Streetwise Publications with absolutely no chance of refund.  The product cost me £147, and came as a blank case with just the words ‘The DVD – Not for general distribution’ on the cover. – very intriguing!

Well, I have been through all four DVDs, and I’ll let you know how I got on a little later.  In the meantime, I just want to consider this concept of ‘no refund’.  If, like me, you’ve been a sucker for IM and trading products over the years then you will have come to expect the ’30 days – money back’ guarantee.  You may have requested your money back – you may indeed be a serial ‘refund requester’!


Let’s draw a parallel here with another of my interests – football.  I support a team in the lower divisions.  If I mention the words ‘Sky Blues’ then you will know who I’m talking about.  As a Coventry expat now living in the South of England I have followed the ‘City’ since I was a young kid.


These days, if I want to attend a ‘home’ game (wherever that might be – ouch!) I have to expect certain costs.  There’s fuel for the return journey, a pint and curry before the game (obligatory), entrance into the ground, a programme, half-time refreshments, and a service station stop for a Costa on the way home.  All-in-all, very little change, if any, out of £150.


And what have I got for my money?  Probably a very mediocre game with the occasional goal to lift the gloom (pessimism comes with the ‘born in Coventry’ tag).  It could be cold and wet, there will probably have been the usual abuse from the opposition fans, and I will leave the ground moaning “never again” – until the next time.


And guess what?  There will have been no offer of a refund.  No matter how crap City have been, nobody will be offering me my money back.


So why do we expect money-back guarantees with internet marketing and trading products that we purchase?  Presumably we’re old enough and experienced enough to make our own decisions?  So why do we expect a refund?  It’s like asking for our money back when we have seen a film that we didn’t particularly enjoy.


In many ways the refund is the wannabee-entrepreneur’s worst enemy.  It’s too easy to return a product without having really given it a go.  I can honestly say that I do try to make everything I purchase work.  Sometimes I know that it just isn’t for me – products that require a daytime input, such as certain trading plans, are hopeless for me as I teach full-time.  I don’t think my employers would be too chuffed if I left a lesson to check on a trade!


As for the most recent course I purchased – the one with no refund?  I watched the material very diligently and took extra care with my notes.  I wanted to make sure I gleaned everything I could from the course.  And it was worth every penny I spent on it – all I have to do now is to put everything into action – but that’s another story …..


I have another product to have a look at before term starts – tunnel trading by John Piper.  Now this product does have a refund, but I’m going to make sure that I only take this approach as a last resort.  Let’s hope the product works!


Until next time,




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