What Do You Want from Internet Marketing?

Recently my blogging has slowed down to a trickle.  It’s not for want of interest, it’s just that I’ve got so many internet marketing projects on the go at the moment that something had to give, and unfortunately my blog writing has suffered!

The thing that has really amazed me is the number of visitors to my blog.  I havn’t written a blog post for over three months, and in that time the number of visitors has almost trebled.  I can’t explain this, but I’m very grateful to know that there is so much interest out there in internet marketing.

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Inspired By Internet Marketing Success

Trying to get started in internet marketing can seem like a constant uphill struggle.  You’ve made the commitment to develop an internet marketing presence, you’ve read the books, purchased the courses, created your site or blog, but then what?  How many people who actually make a start will eventually be successful?

A couple of years ago I attended an evening workshop in a London wine bar that was hosted by an ‘expert’ who I really respected and still do to this day.  Over a hundred individuals were present, all getting carried away by the euphoria of great wealth.

During the evening I spoke with many of the attendees, and not one had actually made it to their first sale.  When I dug beneath the surface there was an emptiness, a yearning that was being unfulfilled.  I wonder how many of the guys at the event are still involved in internet marketing?  Continue reading

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Internet Marketing and Multiple Income Pathways

I have long been an advocate of multiple income pathways.  I originally came across the idea of these pathways or ‘streams’ when I read the books of Robert Allen.  It made perfect sense not to put all eggs into one basket, but to look for, and develop, various income development strategies.

My approach has been to develop what I refer to as ‘macro-pathways’ – property, Forex trading, internet marketing, and small business.  I’ve struggled to maintain the balance for about six years, and I’m now coming to the conclusion that to diversify so widely is not necessarily the best thing.

So in the interest of my own health I’ve decided to put Forex trading and small business on the back burner, to let property coast along, and to really concentrate on internet marketing.

Does this mean that I’ve given up on the multiple income pathways? – Not on your life!  I still believe in diversity, but I’m now working towards a ‘micro-pathway’ model.  What does this model look like?  Continue reading

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The Workshop by Eduard Media – A Review

You know the feeling – you come across a new product and think to yourself “why didn’t I produce that?”.  Eduard Media has produced one such product.

Called simply ‘The Workshop’, this product has brought together links for a wide range of tools and resources that could be used by both successful and wannabe internet marketers.

Eduard has done his research well, and the product clearly displays possible resources, together with notes about whether they are free or at a cost.  The products are grouped into various categories, including ‘Audio’, ‘Stock Photos/Images’, ‘Video’, ‘Site Design’ and ‘Internet Marketing’.  Continue reading

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Newbie To $350K by Rob Cornish – A Review

If you’re reading this blog post then a fairly reasonable assumption is that you have more than a passing interest in internet marketing.  If I’m correct in my assumption then it’s also fairly safe to say that you will have become aware of the constant bombardment through emails from ‘gurus’ who promise to turn you into an overnight internet marketing success.

Every day my junk inbox is full of emails urging me to buy ‘bright, shiny objects’ that will somehow miraculously change my life.  With so many charlatans and con artists out there it’s no wonder that newbies begin to despair of ever finding honest and trustworthy guidance.

I have been very fortunate in that just at times of real need the right mentor seems to have appeared.  First of all there was Chris Farrall, followed by the two Neils (Stafford and Travers) of the Internet Marketing ReviewContinue reading

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Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit – A Review

Starting your own internet marketing business can be a very exciting prospect – we are bombarded with promises from ‘gurus’ that anybody can create their own business overnight and expect to see instant profits (if you buy their system!).

However, the reality is nowhere near this simple.  A drop-out rate of 95% is evidence that many people start out with great intentions, but rapidly fall by the wayside.  The road to internet marketing success may ultimately be paved with gold, but it is built with a lot of sweat and toil.

There is no short cut to internet marketing success.

As with any new endeavour, you’ve got to do your homework.  It’s important to really research what you need to do, and find the suitable tools to help you along the way.  Be very wary of any product that claims to do everything for you, and all you’ve got to do is push the right button.    Continue reading

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Outsourcing – 4 reasons why you should!

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly common practice in the world of internet marketing.  Basically, as an outsourcer, you are contracting out part of your business to an external provider who will complete the required tasks for an agreed fee.

So why should you outsource?  There are many positive reasons why, and here I want to consider just 4:

1.  You play to your strengths.  There are some aspects of internet marketing that you may be particularly good at.  For example, you may be able to produce outstanding videos that attract people to your site.  On the other hand, you may suck at copywriting.  If this is the case, then why not get somebody else to produce your sales letters, so you can concentrate on what you do best?

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Time – It’s All About Developing My Keyword!


 I’ve found out the hard way that developing a niche is no easy business.  Too often I have spent a lot of time and effort developing something I’m interested in and passionate about, and then realised that perhaps there’s not an interested market out there after all.  My detailed keyword research has been a waste of time!

One of the keys to success in niche development is finding something that answers a problem.  You’re giving somebody a solution.  So when utilising the search engines and hopefully your site, prospective customers will be asking the question “what’s in it for me?”.  We use the acronym ‘WIIFM’.  What exactly can I provide that will be of immediate help to others?

For example, we used to have a wonderful King Charles spaniel.  He was a lovely dog in every way – except that he was rubbish walking on a lead!  If I’d been a more conscientious dog person then I would have tried to find ways of improving his behaviour.  I would probably have typed in to Google “Better dog walking’.  I’ve just done this, and the third article on the search page is “The proper way to walk your dog” – bingo!  Continue reading

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First Steps In Marketing My Niche

Previous blog posts have described how I developed my new niche using the range of skills I already had, but had previously over-looked.  It’s a bit frustrating to think that I must have spent the best part of twelve months trying a range of different niche areas before realising that the perfect niche was right in front of my nose.

It’s now all about developing my new site (www.sciencerevisionvideo.com) and getting it in front of prospective markets.  I need to target workers in the education markets, and they’re not perhaps the sort of customers that are influenced by conventional marketing.  I should know – as the head of a large science department, I get bombarded everyday with advertising for products that I can’t afford from my meagre budget.  The vast majority of postal advertising goes straight into my bin, and emails are quickly deleted.

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Developing My Niche Idea

So, as a result of circumstances, I now have a niche!  I have linked together my training as a teacher and a scientist with my passion for video production and internet marketing, to produce an online science revision course – if you’re interested, take a look at the site:


It’s in first-draft form and will be improved, possibly as a WordPress site, as the marketing progresses.  I made the site using Blue Griffon software, and my Blue Griffon training videos were really helpful – I hadn’t realised how much I’d forgotten in just a couple of months.  It must be an age thing!

Building the website is the first step, and in many ways the most creative.  I enjoy building blogs and sites, but the next step – marketing the niche – is where I’m on a steep learning curve.  Every internet marketer has their preferred marketing methods, and for me it’s about finding the optimum markets and really focusing my efforts.

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