Create Your First Blog With WordPress – Video #1

If you really want to create a fast and easy web presence then building a WordPress blog is the way to go!

As promised, here is the first of six videos in my new series “Create Your First Blog With WordPress”.  This video series really will take you from absolute beginner with zero knowledge to a position where you will be uploading your posts to your own blog, and you’ll also be able to upload images and even videos.

In this first video we cover a lot of the basics – it really is important that we get this right.  So we’ll start with considering just what a blog is, and how it can be used.  Some people create blogs as a means of marketing a product or an idea, whereas others might use it to promote their views on serious issues.  A blog could also be used as a daily diary – my daughter’s friend is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment, and she uses her blog to fight back against the cancer that’s attacking her body – really powerful and emotional stuff!

We next look at selecting a domain name – what makes a good domain name and what should we avoid?  I always purchase my domain names from GoDaddy so I’ve used this site for demonstration purposes.  We’ll look at checking for available names, and then we’ll go through the purchase process.

Finally, we’ll consider suitable hosting sites.  If you’re not sure what a hosting account is then I’ll explain everything in clear detail.

So, lots to work through!  I suggest you grab yourself a cup of coffee, click on the video link below and begin the wonderful process of setting up your first blog.



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