Create Your First Blog With WordPress – Video #3

It’s said that appearance isn’t everything, but the look of your blog really can attract readers and improve the ‘stickability’ –how long they’re going to spend browsing through your blog and becoming potential customers.

In the third video in the WordPress series I really focus upon the theme.  If you’ve been following my instructions in the first two videos then by now you will have chosen and purchased your domain name, uploaded this to your hosting company, and then will have created your WordPress blog using Fantastico.

Now the default theme in WordPress isn’t particularly inspiring, and I describe how to select a new theme.  There are many themes available within WordPress, and I show how you can use the various selections to find a suitable theme.  I also demonstrate how to find alternative free themes using Google.

Finally, it’s important to distinguish between a page and a post. In the video I show step-by-step how to set up your first pages and what your blog will look like when you have made all the necessary changes.

To view this third training video simply click on the link below, grab yourself yet another cup of coffee (are you getting caffeine overload yet?) and see how you can drastically alter the look of your blog by simply choosing a most appropriate theme.

As always I appreciate your comments, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Enjoy the video!


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