Create Your First Blog With WordPress – Video #4

If you’ve been following this series of WordPress videos then by now you will have the basics of a very fine blog.  I’d love to see the results of your efforts, so if you get chance please send me your URL.

In this fourth video in the series we’re continuing to refine our blog and developing the overall appearance.  It’s now time to add a few widgets – if you’ve never come across widgets before then don’t worry, I’ll explain everything!  Googling the word ‘widget’ produces a dozen or so uses, including a character in Marvel comics, a baby gremlin, or even the turboprop airliner E-9A Widget!  The only widget I’d ever come across before blogging was the widget placed in beer cans to aid the generation of froth.  Where would canned John Smiths be without a widget?

Also in this video we’ll be looking at links.  A link is a connection to another site or product, and if you’re using a blog as an affiliate site, or if you’ve got eBooks or other products to sell then links are essential.  Links are easy to build into your WordPress blog, and I’ll be showing you exactly how to go about it.

I would tell you to grab another cup of coffee, but perhaps you’ve had enough caffeine by this point.  So why not grab a glass of water (doesn’t sound so exciting as coffee), click the link below and continue to develop your site with widgets and links.

If you have any problems and need support then please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Hope you enjoy the video,


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