Create Your First Blog With WordPress – Video #5

If you really want to get a head start with your internet marketing, or make your views known to the world, or simply tell your friends about what you’ve been up to, then creating a WordPress blog is the simplest way of getting a web presence.

I’m no techie, but even I can get a blog up and running in a short space of time.  And the wonderful thing about a WordPress blog is that once created you can be really imaginative and customise it to really reflect your personality, and communicate effectively with the world.

Throughout this series of WordPress training videos I have tried to provide step-by-step instructions that would enable anybody, irrespective of their previous knowledge, to build an eye-catching blog.  If I’ve failed to do this, and there are glaring mistakes or omissions, then please let me know – I only what to provide quality training!  Similarly, if there are topics that you need help with that would benefit from additional videos, then again please get in touch.

In this penultimate video in the series, we’re going to look at plugins – don’t worry if you’ve never heard about these before, just follow the simple instructions and everything will be revealed!

So we’re nearly there.  Grab that coffee (or tea, if you’re like me), watch the video, take any necessary notes, and then apply to your own blog project.

Happy viewing!


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  1. Nice Guide. It really help me out.

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