Create Your First Blog With WordPress – Video #6

At last, the end is in sight!  If you’ve been persevering with my WordPress training video series, then you can now begin to post content and really see the results of your efforts!

In this video I’ll be showing you the step-by-step process for inserting your posts onto your blog, and how you can enhance the appearance of your blog by inserting images.  I’ll even be showing you how to upload a video from YouTube to really make your blog stand out.

Writing blog posts is really exciting, but you also need to be disciplined.  You’ll find the first few posts relatively easy to write, but after a while the creative juices may stop flowing, and all of a sudden you’re staring at a blank page – you’ve got blog post writer’s block!

There’s nothing more frustrating than to land on a blog and discover that the last post was made several months ago.  I wonder how many blogs out there have just come to a grinding halt.

If you’ve got a real passion for the subject of your blog then finding relevant material shouldn’t be a problem.  For example, I’ve got no end of ideas for future posts to my Easier Internet Marketing site, and if I started a serious blog for my other passion of weight training then again I know that there would be no problem.

However, if I was asked to produce a blog about golf then I would really struggle!  I have no passion for the sport and no willingness to learn.

It helps to have a notebook with you at all times – it’s amazing when ideas for blog posts will come to you.  I get some of my best ideas when I’m lying awake in bed during those last minutes before the alarm goes off.

Remember that I would love to see the results of your blogging efforts – just get in touch via my contact page.  So grab that last cup of coffee, watch the video, take any necessary notes, and get cracking!

Thank you for joining me on this WordPress training journey.

Keep dreaming those big dreams.


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